Angaga Island Resort Maldives

Angaga is located in the the middle of Ari atoll. The island is surrounded with a vast lagoon. This has naturally given the island a vary wide sandy beach all around the island. The island has 50 individual bungalows peeking out of the vegetation. Swaying palms give shade to the island pathway, which enables one to encircle Angaga easily in 20 minutes. And the reef edge is very close by for two thirds of the island, and on the other third there is a large, gradually sloping, sandy bottomed lagoon. The palm trees are tall and plentiful.

As you approach the island, the only buildings visible are the twin roofs of the bar and restaurant. These are thatched and elegantly shaped like the upturned hulls of two Dhoni. Under the high roof is a white sandy floor, with comfy seats in the bar and plenty of space between tables in the restaurant (with extra space for honeymooners). There’s something for everyone at Angaga. The resort takes pride in offering personalized service to all of their guests. So, spoil yourself, take a visit for a combination of………………Paradise.

– Location:

Angaga Island Resort is located in the center of South Ari Atoll, Republic of Maldives. The size of the Island is approximately 52,500 square meters. Distance from the Male` International Airport is about 85 Km. The Island is surrounded by white powdery, sandy beach (about 30% of the Island) and crystal clear water lagoon and house reef which is best for snorkeling and Diving.

– Quick Facts:

Property type: Resort
Distance from airport: 85.00 Km
Total no. of rooms: 70
No. of room types: 2
Address: Angaga Island, South Ari atoll, Maldives

– Airport Transfer:

Transfer time between the airport and the resort is about 25 minutes by seaplane.
Airport transfer modes available: Sea plane transfer.

– Accommodation Overview
Angaga was developed as a very natural resort and the earlier managements have always tried very hard to keep this status during their time. It is always ideal to a tropical island to built the bungalows individually, with thatched roofs and verandas.

50 Superior Maldivian types of thatched, detached Beach bungalows and newly built First class 20 Water Villas.

The 50 beach bungalows at Angaga has the exact look and feel and have been completely refurbished. The bungalows have bamboo furniture to give their clients more comfort and space. Further a graceful Maldivian swing (locally named undhoalhis) hanging in the veranda, will rock you into relaxation and comfortable slumber while you attempt to read your favorite novel or magazine. All of the bungalows are air-conditioned, with satellite tv, mini fridge, and IDD telephone.

– Superior Bungalow – (50 rooms / units)
The evenly spaced bungalows are spotted all the around the island and since Angaga has perfect a beach all around the island, no bungalows are disadvantaged by missing the beach. The partly open-air bathroom gives you the feeling of being more close to nature and has hot and cold fresh water. There are also three 2 story bungalows for families, the top floor provides bedding for the adults and the ground floor for the children, giving complete them the complete privacy.

– Available facilities and amenities:
Air-Conditioned Cable / Satellite TV Hot & Cold fresh water Balcony Fully Detached IDD Telephone Beach Front Hair Dryer Mini Fridge Bidet

– Water Bungalow – (20 rooms / units)
Angaga being located in the middle of the atoll, has a very large lagoon and this is ideal for water bungalows. Angaga has recently finished 20 new luxury water bungalows. These individual water bungalows have more space and comes with their own private sun-deck. With comfortable bamboo furniture, a wooden floor and matching colors gives these bungalows a luxurious look and feel. In addition to the amenities at the beach bungalows, water bungalows also have tea / coffee making facilities and a bathtub in the toilet.
Water bungalows give the visitors complete harmony and the serene setting with water all around you tend give you a soothing mind and complete relaxation. Water bungalows are ideal for honeymooners and for all who want to experience relaxation on water.

– Available facilities and amenities:
Air-Conditioned Built over-water IDD Telephone Balcony Cable / Satellite TV Mini Fridge Bath tub Fully Detached Tea / Coffee Bidet Hot & Cold fresh water

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