Adaaran Club Bathala Maldives

ADAARAN Bathala resort island hotel is surrounded by pristine white beaches and a beautiful coral reef. Bathala is probably the best dive resort in the Maldives. It offers easy access to many famous reefs, dive points or thila, including the protected marine reserves of Maaya Thila and Fish Head. Apart from fabulous corals and the strange creatures that live among them, the list of resident marine species round Bathala includes barracuda, turtles, rays, Napoleon wrasse and several varieties of sharks. This is a good four star vacation resort for many around the world and many new visitors are planning every year to come to this resort for its beautiful beaches and simplicity. Their dream of a affordable holiday island in the Maldives comes true here.

But you don’t have to be a diver to enjoy your Bathala holiday tour. This remote tropical island getaway is full of serenity and its own uncomplicated charm, ideal for the Robinson Crusoe in you. Cub Bathalaa resort is perfect for pure relaxation, a place to lie back in a hammock with a book, watch the moon rise and the sun set, sunbathe, stroll, snorkel or just spend a few quiet, uninterrupted days and nights with someone special.

Excursions at the hotel of Bathala Island Resort include diving excursions, night dives and boat dives. The house reef is wonderful for snorkeling and diving. Guests can easily swim to the reef edge, which drops sharply to about 28m.

Take in the wonder of all this breathtaking beauty in a seaplane. Yes, you literally step into the coral reef from the hotel. Dive, snorkel and swim among schools of exotic tropical fish. Observe the secrets of underwater life – “friendly” Shark, giant Manta Rays and other varieties of fish from the deep. The invitation of blue-green seas, to explore its secrets in coral, is truly irresistible. The accommodations are perfectly designed for your vacation. Read the reviews and reserve online your dream holiday at Bathala & get simple and cool luxuryaccommodation.

Adaaran Bathala Island Resort offers accommodation built around a typical diver’s schedule: morning dive, lunch, afternoon dive, relaxes on the beach, has a beer or two at the bar before dinner and maybe a little music and relaxation afterwards.

Facilities are kept simple to suit the pace and character of island life. Highlights include restaurant theme nights, indoor games.

All 46 bungalows are individually situated giving total privacy with attached toilets, air conditioning and fitted also with mini bar.

Bathala Hotel Resort is an ideal place for the singles, couples or families and for vacationing and do maintain a degree of quiet atmosphere agreeable to the tired professionals who look out for peace and a flexible time-table for their activities.

Famous dive sites – across the country and even across the world – are easily accessible from the island which has a dive centre which is both efficient and friendly. If you don’t dive, no need to despair – this island has some of the best beaches around and snorkeling on the house reef is another great option.

Maldives Resort Bathala is a perfect place to unwind – depending on your mood. When you’re feeling active, there are several famous dive sites located close by teeming with brilliantly coloured tropical fish. Other water sports include canoeing, fishing, and sailing or take a tour to a neighboring island.

Location: North Ari Atoll
Distance from Airport: 34 Kilometers
Number of Rooms: 45 Rooms
Transport: 20 minutes by Seaplane
Accommodation / Room Amenities: – Rustic Cabana Style Cottages
– Air-Conditioned Rooms
– Mini Bar
– 24 hour Fresh Water Supply
– Serene View of the Sea
– Unique Outdoor Toilet with Shower
– Hot/Cold Water
Resort Facilities & Recreational Facilities: – Restaurant with Theme Nights
– Bar
– Table Tennis
– Carom
– Darts
– Beach Volleyball
– Diving
– Snorkeling
– Excursions



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